It was a busy and productive September for the church Building Beloved
Community Committee (BBCC). The most exciting news is that we have entered into a
formal agreement with the Baltimore Washington Conference Affordable Housing
Committee (BWAHC) to be our development consultant, to help guide us through the
process and provide invaluable expertise on both the local and conference level at
every stage. The BBCC has also begun the process of interviewing potential attorneys
to help us create the legal entity for the development project and represent the church’s
interests at every step of the venture.

Most important, we have begun the process of meeting with and interviewing
potential development partners. The BBCC has made it a priority to engage developers
who understand and share our vision and values for a future affordable housing
development. Our first meeting was with Virginia- based AHC (Affordable Homes and
Communities) and Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland. AHC has worked with several
church properties in Virginia and has teamed with Habitat on a large affordable housing
development near Veirs Mill & Randolph roads. Upcoming meetings include Rick
Edson and AHP Virginia, LLC and Rob Goldman, president of MHP (Montgomery
Housing Partners). One of MHP’s newest affordable housing projects is just getting
underway up Georgia Ave at Forest Glen.

The BBCC is most interested in hearing potential partners’ mission and priorities,
their development experience with church properties, and how they communicate, plan
and work with their partners. Our goal is to complete the interview process and decide
on our development partner by mid-January 2024, and to have a joint venture
agreement signed by the end of February.